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20YearProduction and supply of honeycomb ceramics

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Professional honeycomb ceramic regenerator provider
Honest enterprise service unit in China's filler industry

Professional design, R & D and production

20 years experience in honeycomb ceramic production

Scientific management, professional technology, excellent equipment, perfect quality inspection and high-quality service

In the past 20 years, we have paid attention to the production and R & D of honeycomb ceramic regenerator, and the products are widely used in major metal smelting.

Carefully casting fine products

Hundreds of products are complete

Wholeheartedly casting products, hundreds of specifications, complete functions, to meet customer customization needs

Strictly implement ISO9001 quality system management in the manufacturing process, and adopt a variety of label systems for control


Ultra high cost performance

High quality products cooperate with thousands of customers

We will serve our customers with high-quality and efficient products and sincere and true professionalism

We are willing to work together with colleagues from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow!

Full service

Quick response + professional guidance

The company signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the logistics unit to ensure that the products arrive at the use site quickly and in time

We will call you in 30 minutes to provide you with professional and suitable solutions

Engineering case

High quality products win the trust of millions of customers


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Pingxiang Guanlin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of environmental protection materials integrating scientific research, development, production and sales. It is located in the ceramic industrial park in Xiangdong District, Pingxiang City, close to national highway 320 and Shanghai Kunming expressway, and the transportation is very convenient....